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capital vs capitol

Capital and Capitol are some of the frequently confused words. This is because their distinction is subtle, and they are not frequently used unless you are in the finance sector or in the government.

Capital and Capitol are homophones; words that are pronounced the same but have different spelling and meaning.

The origin of capital vs capitol

Let us look keenly at the two words; capital vs capitol. These words are both derived from the Latin word “caput,” meaning “head.”

The word “Capital” came from the words “capit’le” and “capitalis,” which mean “wealth” and “of the head,” respectively. On the other hand, “Capitol” came from the Latin word “Capitōlium,” which is a famous temple of the Greek gods that was on top of Capitoline Hill.

Meaning of capital

“Capital” can be used to mean a city, resources (human or financial) in a business, uppercase when writing a word.

Examples of how to use “capital”

1. Capital city

Rome is the capital city of Italy.

2. Alphabet in uppercase letters.

The name “Donald” starts with a capital “D.”

3. Capital in a business.

I need a capital of $1 million to start an international shipping business.

4. Extremely important

Insecurity and the number of hijacking cases in the city have become a capital concern.

Meaning of Capitol

In the United States, “Capitol” is a popular government building that houses the U.S. Senate and congress members. The word “Capitol” is used with a capital “C” to refer to the United States Capitol building.

Examples of how to use “Capitol”

1. The United States Congress held a meeting in the US capitol building in Washington yesterday.

2. The meeting was held in the capitol building shortly after the president’s speech. 


With our explanations and examples, we hope that you have understood the difference between capital vs capitol. These words have a completely different meaning and cannot be used incorrectly unless you want to cause confusion.

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